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Kite Shop Barcelona

The Wunder Bar


The design-goal for the TEN Wunder Bar: a deceivingly simple, yet very complete kitesurfing control bar. The bar is the sole connection to the kite and could very well be the most engineered piece of equipment in your kit.


On the other hand, bars always seem to be underestimated by their users, which to us is ironic and a challenge at the same time. An assembly of over 50 parts all working as one: some invisible, some obvious and some that may seem insignificant until you leave them out. All working in an extreme contradiction: handling all the kite power while being as low-profile as possible.


With our background as a kite repair and kitesurfing shop we gained a ton of experience in the last 10 years with all kinds of bar systems, their plusses and their downsides.


We wanted the Wunder Bar to be:


–  safe in any configuration
–  universal for any brand with a 4-line system
–  customizable in line-lengths for freeride, freestyle, wave riding
–  user friendly
–  durable
–  uncluttered
–  surfboard friendly


The outcome of this search is simply Wunderbar!


349,00 €Precio